Monetize My Life, Please!

Hey all you genius entrepreneurs! I’m talking to you. You inventors of ideas. You exploiters of imagination. You information superhighwaymen. I want you to use that brain power of yours to monetize my life.

Insane genius

Stock photo of an "entrepreneurial genius"

Here’s the dilemma. Like you, I have many interests. I am insanely driven. I love to work, and I enjoy a challenge. I am a patron of the arts. I am a fiddler of technology. I’m a marketer extraordinaire, and I’m a sponge for knowledge. But I am at an utter loss as to how to capitalize on these traits and turn them into food and shelter.

Oh, don’t think I haven’t tried. I have been a freelance writer and marketing consultant for a while now. And I’m proud of all I’ve accomplished. I attempted to start my own marketing agency for the publishing industry. I tried to convert my reading series into a touring show. But alas, I always seem to be just getting by rather than building a scalable enterprise.

Maybe I have too many interests. Is such a thing possible? I wear a ton of hats (figuratively speaking since my head is actually too big for normal people hats). Let’s just take a look at all I do:

  • Marketing and editorial consultant for the legal technology industry
  • Producer and host of Essay Fiesta
  • Theater critic for the Chicago Theater Beat
  • Co-chair of the Chicago Literary Alliance’s subcommittee on readings and performances
  • Contributor to the Huffington Post, specifically covering Chicago entrepreneurs, artists and GLBT issues
  • Creative writer and essayist
  • Managing Editor of Snackpot, a start-up webzine covering all things snack related
  • Contributor to the A.V. Club
  • Comedy writer and performer
  • GLBT activist
This is an insane list of stuff. For the love of God, can one of you smart people help me consolidate my life and turn my skills into cash…or at least a turkey sandwich? 
Turkey Sandwich

Deliciously rewarding

Of course, I’m being facetious. But then again, I’m not. I’m not looking to strike out and build my own tech start-up at the moment, though that is something I may invest in down the line. I’m just looking for opportunities to use the skills I love and combine my interests in a way that can allow me to make a living. Any advice from those who came before me would be most welcome.

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