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I’m a Writing Fool

It’s been too long since I’ve updated this blog. And so I thought I’d let you all in on what has been keeping away from my precious little patch of Internet for the last several weeks.

These tired hands...

Besides weddings galore because the entire population of my heterosexual social sphere is coupling, I have been writing as if I was on fire and words were water. I have problem written enough articles in the last several weeks to constitute a volume somewhere between a novella and a full-fledged novel. Here’s a rundown of some of the things I have done (links lead to my work):

  • Essay Fiesta: I’m gearing up for our two-year anniversary! Can you believe it?
  • Huffington Post: I absolutely love writing for this site. I mainly write about Chicago’s vibrant entrepreneurial scene, but occasionally I get riled up enough about something else to state my opinion (often something gay).
  • I am now a regular contributor to this legal portal. It’s a really fun job. I know. Law = fun? For me it does. I’ve been a legal reporter now for nearly my entire professional career, and it’s one of my favorite subjects to write about. I’m currently working on a huge feature on tort reform and campaign financing, which required some of my old-school investigative skills.
  • The Onion A.V. Club: I just started writing for the Chicago section of this well-known A&E publication. My first piece (see link) was a labor of love, and it’s already insanely popular. I’m currently working on a second piece slated for some time in November.
  • RE:COM: I just put the finishing touches on a piece I’m doing for RE:COM, a national comedy magazine. I’m pretty proud of the outcome.
  • Loyola University Center for Digital Ethics & Policy: I wrote a piece for this site questioning the ethics of sites like Demand Studios, which coincidentally recently undertook a large overhaul in light of changes to Google’s algorithm.
  • DePaul’s Dialogue Magazine: I love writing for DePaul Law School’s alumni magazine. I just got an assignment for their upcoming Winter 2011 issue.
  • Chicago Theater Beat: I’m still reviewing on average four plays a month. That’s one a week. That means I’ve seen more than 100 plays in the last two years.
  • Legal technology vendors: Still doing stuff for them, too.

The Dog Pack

Sorry for my lack of consistent writing, but I’ve been busy being a father. My boyfriend and I recently adopted a 1-year-old chiweenie (chihuahua/daschund mix). His name is Lucky, and he’s quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It also helps that he is a major cuddler (except in the mornings when he enjoys pouncing on my face to wake me up).


My boyfriend and I  don’t live together, so Lucky stays with him most of the time. It’s a nontraditional setup for what some would call a nontraditional family. But, frankly, I think it’s as traditional of a family as you can get: two consenting adults in a loving relationship working together to raise a dependent.

Mario and Lucky

Collectively I call my 21st century nuclear family “The Pack.”  There’s a lot of testosterone between the three of us (a little less for Lucky since he had his balls snipped off). But there’s also a lot of fraternity. In fact, my favorite time of the day is “Pack Time.” That’s when we all gather on the couch under a big blanket and watch things on the Internet together. Lucky loves it because it gives him a chance to cuddle up between his two daddies. It’s really fucking adorable.

Keith and Lucky

Anyway, I plan on blogging somewhat more regularly soon. But for now, I have to tend to my fatherly duties.

Monetize My Life, Please!

Hey all you genius entrepreneurs! I’m talking to you. You inventors of ideas. You exploiters of imagination. You information superhighwaymen. I want you to use that brain power of yours to monetize my life.

Insane genius

Stock photo of an "entrepreneurial genius"

Here’s the dilemma. Like you, I have many interests. I am insanely driven. I love to work, and I enjoy a challenge. I am a patron of the arts. I am a fiddler of technology. I’m a marketer extraordinaire, and I’m a sponge for knowledge. But I am at an utter loss as to how to capitalize on these traits and turn them into food and shelter.

Oh, don’t think I haven’t tried. I have been a freelance writer and marketing consultant for a while now. And I’m proud of all I’ve accomplished. I attempted to start my own marketing agency for the publishing industry. I tried to convert my reading series into a touring show. But alas, I always seem to be just getting by rather than building a scalable enterprise.

Maybe I have too many interests. Is such a thing possible? I wear a ton of hats (figuratively speaking since my head is actually too big for normal people hats). Let’s just take a look at all I do:

  • Marketing and editorial consultant for the legal technology industry
  • Producer and host of Essay Fiesta
  • Theater critic for the Chicago Theater Beat
  • Co-chair of the Chicago Literary Alliance’s subcommittee on readings and performances
  • Contributor to the Huffington Post, specifically covering Chicago entrepreneurs, artists and GLBT issues
  • Creative writer and essayist
  • Managing Editor of Snackpot, a start-up webzine covering all things snack related
  • Contributor to the A.V. Club
  • Comedy writer and performer
  • GLBT activist
This is an insane list of stuff. For the love of God, can one of you smart people help me consolidate my life and turn my skills into cash…or at least a turkey sandwich? 
Turkey Sandwich

Deliciously rewarding

Of course, I’m being facetious. But then again, I’m not. I’m not looking to strike out and build my own tech start-up at the moment, though that is something I may invest in down the line. I’m just looking for opportunities to use the skills I love and combine my interests in a way that can allow me to make a living. Any advice from those who came before me would be most welcome.