Publishing Podcast: Christine Rose

I recently got back into listening to podcasts (thanks Shannon Cason). I already had been listening to a few fairly regularly, but now I’ve added about half a dozen to my queue. And one of my favorite new podcasts deals with the industry I hate to love: publishing.

The podcast is  by independent author Christine Rose, who generally publishes a lot of fantasy-themed YA lit. (YA stands for “young adult” in case you didn’t know.) She also is the author of Publishing and Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author, which I believe is also the name of her podcast.

Christine Rose

Christine and her book

Christine really knows her stuff, and she doesn’t hold back when dishing it out. It is very refreshing to hear a professional writer talk about publishing with a healthy dose of cynicism.  Too often I hear writers discuss the industry with such naivete it makes me want to cry, as if someone’s vanity published book is going to fly off the shelf because it exists. I’ve been a professional freelance writer for more than three years and before that I was a writer/editor at a national business magazine. This is a very difficult industry, and if you don’t have perseverance, talent, patience and good business sense, then you probably won’t be very successful. Christine’s in-depth take on the publishing industry iterates this point and provides you with some real-world advice about how to navigate the market.

Specifically her podcasts (at least her initial podcasts) break down the four main paths to getting published: the New York big boys, the indie press, self-publishing and vanity presses. All have pros and cons except vanity publishing, which really isn’t worth your time, and Christine walks you through the plusses and minuses of each option. Her advice is anything but vague. She comes at you with real hard numbers to help anchor her information in fact. It’s very eye opening for those that may feel this is a lucrative business.

So please check out her podcast. And don’t get discouraged when listening. Is publishing a hard world to break into and find success in? Of course! But if you got the talent, the drive and the marketing savvy, you really can do it.


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