Calming the Fuck Down

I have come to realize the importance of calming the fuck down.

For far too long I have pushed myself way too hard, putting too much responsibility on my shoulders in an effort to avoid any kind of failure or hardship. I have been successful because of this never-ending drive, but it is also making my life one giant task. And I don’t want my death to represent a big check mark on a to-do list.

So I realized yesterday that I got to take more breathers. I don’t have to rush myself. Not everything needs to get done today, and if there’s too much to get done right now, then something is going to have to wait or be dropped.

So no more juggling 30 things at once. No more running around like a chicken with its head cut off. It’s not that important. It’s time to simplify my life and to calm the fuck down.

End personal message of empowerment/rant.



2 responses to “Calming the Fuck Down

  1. I am in the same boat! I rush, rush, rush, and for nothing. Fortunately for you, you are successful at it. I need to calm the fuck down too! But yet again, fortunately for you, but not me, I don’t know how to take a breather. Good luck Keith!

  2. Keith Ecker

    Thanks, Monte. I’ll see if I know how to do it. Consider it a social experiment.

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