Community Inaction: Thoughts on the CAPS Meeting

I was going to write a more detailed summary of the CAPS meeting today. But I’m just too mentally drained from the past couple days to write about it. I think the bullet points below that I wrote out last night stand. I just hope there is more listening and less emotional vitriol from both sides going forward.

  • If you think you’re right, you’re probably wrong.
  • How you present yourself at a public forum factors into the effectiveness of your message
  • Emotions trump communication
  • No one’s experience is without merit. Whether you’re homeless or middle class. Your experience has value.
  • Ed Negron is awesome.
  • I like air conditioning.
  • Booing and cheering are not productive. Listening is.
  • We need facilitated forums to clear up some of the misconceptions about race and class from both sides. A lot of white people don’t understand black people, a lot of black people don’t understand white people, a lot of middle-class people don’t understand poor people and a lot of poor people don’t understand middle-class people.
  • I believe in the power of storytelling and want to find ways to bring the principals of Essay Fiesta to this situation.
  • I need to stop eating dinner at midnight.

2 responses to “Community Inaction: Thoughts on the CAPS Meeting

  1. Your point about the essential role communication plays here is an important one, because there seems to be a lot of grandstanding happening. This is a situation that involves a lot of complex issues, and simplistic solutions like making Boystown a police state or shutting down the Center on Halsted are temporary and insufficient — and fail to deal with causes or promote any understanding of the individuals and issues involved. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts… and hopefully a couple of jokes!

  2. Your point that no one’s experience is without merit is simple yet difficult to understand for many people. Glad you put it.

    And yes, Ed is awesome.

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