Social Media and SEO for Writers

What is social media? What is SEO? And why should you, a writer or perhaps a publisher, care?

Social media should be the absolute foundation of every writer’s marketing campaign. It is THE portal in which all other marketing assets flow through. Without a presence on the Internet, you may as well not have a presence at all. Social media includes such technologies as Facebook and Twitter. It also includes social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Stumbleupon.

Some people do not consider blogs to be social media. These people are wrong. Blogs are the absolute hub of a social media network. It is where you create content that you market via Facebook and Twitter. You can also include your Twitter feed into your blog (see the right column of my page), and you can set your blog to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter, linking all your social media assets together.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the act of employing a number of techniques to ensure that your online content rises to the top of search engine results when certain keywords are entered by a user. There are many SEO techniques, some more effective than others. Anchor text and links, keyword optimization and metadata all play significant roles in the SEO process. The purpose of SEO is to raise more awareness about your site. The easier people can find you, the more likely they will read you. It’s important to note that for SEO to be effective, you also have to deliver top-quality content. Otherwise, you’ll just have a bunch of people landing on your page and then leaving once they realize it’s just a string of nonsense keywords.

My marketing agency, Hungry Eyes Marketing, will be providing a variety of social media services, including training and maintenance. If you have any social media or SEO questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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  1. I would also like something added, of course, but in fact says almost everything.

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