What Do You Want Out Of A Marketing Agency?

As I prepare to launch my own marketing agency for authors and publishers, I am curious to hear what you all, the authors and publishers of the world, want out of a marketing partner. Hungry Eyes Marketing’s mission is to provide you all with the services you need to help get the results you expect. So what are these services?

As I stated in a previous post, I will be offering a variety of services, from press releases to book trailers. Which services are you most interested in? Also, are you more interested in purchasing services a la carte or in a package form. For example, I am considering offering a variety of marketing packages that will provide authors/publishers with comprehensive marketing campaigns at rates that fall below what these services would cost if purchased individually. Package examples may include:

  • A pre-publishing package – Author headshot, book cover, author bio, book synopsis
  • A first book package – Press release, press release distribution, a Facebook page and a video teaser or trailer
  • The author branding package – Press release, press release distribution, listing on Profnet, Facebook page, Twitter handle and blog
Your feedback is invaluable to me. If there are packages or services you’d like to see, please let me know.

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