Announcing My Book Marketing Agency: Hungry Eyes Marketing

I have worn many hats over the last decade. I have been an editor at a business legal magazine. I have been a legal technology marketing consultant for a number of large, multinational firms and PR agencies. I have provided SEO web content for a number of large companies, including Travelzoo. I have been a prolific theatre critic. I have been a stand-up, improv and sketch comic. I have co-founded two ongoing theatrical literary projects (Essay Fiesta and the Chicago Story Collective) and served as the head of marketing for both. I am now setting out on a new venture, one that I’m hoping will synthesize a number of my passions and skills. I am launching my own book marketing and publicity agency.

The name of my company is Hungry Eyes Marketing. Our goal is to feed readers your words. I will serve as the principal of the agency, and I have a staff of very talented and experienced writers, marketers, designers, developers and videographers set to help me help you get the word out about your book.

Specifically, Hungry Eyes Marketing will cater to self-publishers and small to mid-size presses. We will also handle work from larger publishing houses specifically looking for opportunities in the Chicago market. But our focus is definitely on the little guy.


I truly care about writing. As a writer myself, I understand the passion, heart and hours that go into creating a book. I want to impassion readers with your passion through my service offerings, including:

  • Press Releases and Distribution Campaigns
  • Book Teaser and Trailer Videos
  • Social marketing services and training
  • E-Newsletter development
  • Website development
  • Ad creation and placement
  • Postcard, poster and promotional material design
  • Public reading bookings
  • Guest blogging opportunities
  • And more

We also will provide ample pre-publishing marketing services, including:

  • Book cover design
  • Author bios
  • Book synopses
  • Advanced marketing campaign planning


Almost all services will be charged at a flat-fee rate, as opposed to an hourly fee. I understand that smaller publishers need to work on strict budgets, so I want to make it easy for publishers to track how much they are spending. And with a clear break down of my services, you will know exactly what you are getting for your money.


Most book marketing agencies out there operate like large mills. They take on a mass amount of writers and churn out fairly generic press releases, videos and other publicity materials. But marketing fails if delivered in a one-size-fits-all style. Hungry Eyes Marketing will provide free consultations to assess your specific marketing needs. From this consultation, we (the publisher/author and the agency) will jointly come up with a marketing plan specifically for you.


Unlike most other book marketing services you may find on the web that provide a slew of other services from e-publishing to book distribution, we ONLY do marketing and publicity. Marketing and publicity are my specialties, and creating high-quality marketing materials is what my staff excels at. We aren’t out to be a soup-to-nuts book factory. We are out to make a difference for you in this vast publishing market.


I am currently working on developing the Hungry Eyes website, which will be my company’s main portal. Until then, I’m in the planning stages. This invites an amazing opportunity for self-publishers and small to mid-size presses that are interested in marketing themselves and their products. For a limited time, I will offer some of my services at discount rates. I am looking to get the word out about my business, and positive word-of-mouth marketing is the best advertising a marketer can buy.

If you are interested in learning more about Hungry Eyes Marketing, e-mail me at keithecker [at] gmail [dot] com.

I’m also looking for experienced graphic designers and web developers to add to my core pool of talent.

And if anyone out there has some words of advice or just wants to chat about the art of writing and the business of publishing, I’m all ears!


4 responses to “Announcing My Book Marketing Agency: Hungry Eyes Marketing

  1. Thanks for writing such an interesting and informative article about tolerance and acceptance for those of us who are members of the GLBT community and not of color, We have no more right to claim the area of boystown as our own turf than those who do not fit into the narrow-minded scope of who is and isn’t allowed to be a part of the boystown community.
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  3. hi my nime is charles darrigo i have 2 non fictions books they are my autobiagraphis i am luking for marketing company to market my books my books are redy to sale but i dont have marketing exspirienze tou

  4. I am author of the book entitled: Did God Screw Up? and The Demise of Christianity ( I am prowriter75 on Twitter. Would love to sell a few million copies! LOL

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