Wanted: Skilled Web Developer

I have been searching for a the past two weeks for a skilled web developer. This is much more difficult than I had envisioned. First, I thought freelance web developers were abundant, especially in light of the downturned economy. This is false. Second, I thought that a web designer was a web developer. Also, false. A designer can create the header and graphics for your site, but most can’t do much beyond what any lay person could do on WordPress.

So I am calling out to the Internet for a web developer. Below are my criteria. Please pass this information along to anyone you think may be interested (regardless of geography). I can describe project specifics upon inquiry.

Wanted: A skilled web developer to construct a custom or modified WordPress template for a six-page website. All graphics and a style guide (including color-scheme and font specifications) will be included. You just need to design the template and lay out the copy and graphics.

The developer must:

  • Know how to program using WordPress
  • Have some sense of design for lay out purposes
  • Be responsive
  • Be available for billable ongoing site work
I prefer a flat-fee arrangement over an hourly arrangement, but I’m willing to contract on an hourly basis. Please provide a link to work samples. 
E-mail keithecker [at] gmail [dot] com if interested.

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