Essay Fiesta #1

Essay Fiesta, the monthly reading series I co-produce, premiered last night at the Book Cellar in Lincoln Square. I honestly hoped for 20 people max. We ended up running out of chairs, packing the room with about 50-60 people. It was amazing. I am really touched that so many people would come out to support local artists and Howard Brown Health Center, the organization that the event is benefiting.

We raised a decent amount of money for the organization, though we are going to try some different tactics to raise more. I’m also applying for a grant that might be able to help us secure some more materials to help get the word out about the event.

If you’re reading this and want to help, visit Essay Fiesta on Facebook. We’re always looking for submissions, donations and marketing opportunities.

Once again, thank you everyone who came out last night. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.

See you Dec. 21.




One response to “Essay Fiesta #1

  1. nice work Mr. Ecker!

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