Call For Artists! EssayFiesta!

Pass this along to anyone you think might be interest, y’all! Ignore the e-mail part. I just copy and pasted this from my inbox.



If you are receiving this e-mail, you are something special!

Please read this e-mail and pass it along to anyone you might know that would want to participate in this charitable, comedic, literary event. We’re looking to book December and January now.

EssayFiesta is an hour-long reading series hosted by me and my talented friend Alyson Lyon. Every third Monday of the month, we invite three artists from various fields (e.g., writers, comedians, playwrights, journalists), to read personal essays at the Book Cellar for an evening that not only allows a platform for writers to share their work and for artists from different circles to meet and communicate, but to also benefit an important cause. During the evening, we will have items from local businesses that we are raffling off. 100% of all money made from the raffle and any donations taken at the event go to benefit the Howard Brown Health Center, a medical facility dedicated to helping the health needs of GLBT individuals and those living with HIV and AIDS.

So what do we ask of our artists?

Well, this is an essay show, meaning all artists are to read pieces that are first person and true. Some embellishment due to the use of your artistic license is allowed. But we want to stick to serving two purposes: either anecdotal (like this is what happened to me once) or soap box (like I believe in this and here’s my thoughts). Inspired by David Sedaris and coming from comedy backgrounds, we’d really like it if you could inject some humor into your pieces. But if you want to be serious, that’s fine too. We just want you to tell an engaging story that speaks for you and hopefully connects with others.

Every artists gets about 10-12 minutes to read. You can bring in multiple pieces. You can bring in pieces you’ve read elsewhere. You can bring in excerpts from a larger piece. We don’t care! Just bring work that reflects you because you’re awesome. Oh, and we’ll gladly plug anything you are working on, performing in or whatever.

Finally, we do need all essays to be PG to PG-13-rated at the request of the Book Cellar, which is graciously allowing us to host our event there. So find some clever synonyms for those beep-worthy words.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.




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