Support Your Local Farmers

Note to readers: I’ve been drinking some wine, so this post may end abruptly as I’m easily distracted when toasty buzzed.

Mario and I saw Food Inc. yesterday, a documentary on “corporate agriculture.” Corporate agriculture is the current practice of industrializing our food supply. You know: bigger, fatter, more, more, more!

Anywho, I already knew most of what they showed in the film. But it really drove some points home. So I realized, although I still love meat and will continue to eat it, I’m not so fond of the taste of genocide. So I told my boyfriend we’re going to the farmer’s market.

Flash forward to today. We went to the farmer’s market in Andersonville. It was fantastic. Tomatos, asparagus, lamb meat, herbs, puppies! Most of it was too expensive because organic food doesn’t grow on trees I guess. But I bought some organic mango salsa, asparagus and cucumbers.

The best part was, as hippie dippie as some of these Chicago-area farmers are, many of them are uncomfortable with seeing an interracial gay couple. So as I asked to sample a woman’s pulled pork, she seemed to inch closer to her spatula for protection and winced out a smile before ever so politely giving me a taste. Also she looked like Paula Dean, but like if Paula had gotten into a fight. I mean, she looked like she won the fight. But her opponent definitely put up a good struggle. Just saying.


One response to “Support Your Local Farmers

  1. HA! I watched that movie! Great documentary! No More Monsanto!

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