Summer Is Here!

Summer is here!

I went to the beach.

The gay beach.

There were many gays there.

I sat alone.

By some trash cans.

And listened to Grizzly Bear.

People stared at me.

Mainly at my butt.

I pretended not to notice.

Boys were dancing

To Lady Gaga

On a shitty boombox.

Woomp, woomp, woomp

Goes the bass.

Please pull your bathing suit up

Skinny ass twink.

And stop looking at my ass.

It’s reserved.


One response to “Summer Is Here!

  1. I like your line breaks and I enjoyed the humor. I especially enjoyed the staccato sound of “on a shitty boombox” and the sensation of “woomp.” But I couldn’t *smell* the trash cans or *feel* your butt. B+

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