The Meaning of Life Pt. 2

The last part of the meaning of life, as I see it at least, was all happy and love and puppy dogs and rainbows. This part is not. This is the second part, the Empire Strike’s back if you will. This is the part termed “the belly of the beast” where life hands you lemons and you have to sit with a sour, puckered face until part 3 (coming soon to a blog near you…my blog).

So as I said before, life can be all about inspiration and art and love and following your dreams. But life is also about randomness and being dealt a shitty hand that can’t even beat an ace high. Like a 10. Cause you can’t always control everything that goes on in your own life. Which sounds like a fucking stupid concept. I mean, it is YOUR life. But sometimes an airplane crashes or a safe lands on your head or you let a fart slip out in front of a room full of people. As the Buddha didn’t say, “Shit happens.” (although he kind of did say that).

It is these moments where you are presented with a choice. To live life or to just become overwhelmed by the bankrupt slot on your wheel of fortune. You can choose to accept your reality and stop fighting the crap monster that stands before you or you can choose to let that crap monster frustrate you until you too are crapping yourself. Cause that’s what happens when you fight a crap monster. Note that. It’s important.

Everyone at everytime has something monumental thrown your way that is out of your control. A friend or loved one dies. You get injured or become ill. You get fired. You get preggers. You go to jail. It will happen to you. You must accept your fate and learn to be happy in spite of it rather than seeing it as a permament pox or curse upon your being. You have to strive to find the love and beauty in life, despite the pain.

Because in the end, part 2 of the meaning of life is about pain and suffering (now we’re getting real Buddhist). Life is suffering. It is those that can see past the suffering, rise above it, and keep a smile on their faces that truly understand what it means to be alive. So go out there, blog readers, and live your life. Know that shit will come your way one day and that will probably be a bad day, week, month, year or decade. But try to find a way to be happy even with the pain. Because happiness doesn’t find you. It doesn’t strike you like a bolt of lightening or suddenly turn the corner and bump into you. You have to find it. And it’s never far because it’s always inside you.

Now who wants cheezy pie!


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