The Meaning of Life Pt. 1

I have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy trying to unravel the mysteries of life. Oftentimes our existence feels kind of frivalous. Like I’ll find myself laying on my couch and staring a the ceiling for hours saying, “Really? This is what it’s about? Just passing the time? Really?” And truth be told, from my understanding, it is…sometimes.

I love Joseph Campbell and Kurt Vonnegut and Jim Henson. These are people that seemed to get it right. Yeah, they might not have been happy all the time, but who is? Life isn’t about being happy all the time. It’s about striving for equilibrium, it’s about self discovery, it’s about taking every challenge that comes your way and working through it. It’s about artistic vision and inner voice. It’s about self expression, connectivity and the collective unconcious. These three men seemed to understand that. Joseph Campbell with his writings on a universal myth, the belief that we are all heros setting out on our own journeys. We are Jesus and we are the Buddha. It’s a beautiful thought, and it is one that empowers. Kurt Vonnegut understood the pointlessness of the world, but still found tiny miracles in everyday life. He might not have been in favor of organized religion, but he saw it’s benefits in creating a sense of community as a means to defeat the lonliness and isolaiton many feel throughout their lives. And Jim Henson was an artist with a vision that he was so committed to that it became an entire franchise, set out with the mission to enlighten and educate youth and adults alike on the factual (such as 1+1=2) as well as the harsh inevitabilities (Mr. Hooper’s death anyone?)

To me, these ideals are the purest, and those we should strive to retain throughout our everyday lives. Well, these and love. Love, love, love. Because in the end it doesn’t matter how big of a star you are, how many books you’ve written, how many movies you’ve made, how much money you have in the bank. What matters is that you love with all your heart and allow others to love you. It sounds cheezy. But I think it’s true.

Okay, this post is extra sentimental. I’m obviously on my period. I’m going to the store to buy tampons. BRB LOL OBGYN!


One response to “The Meaning of Life Pt. 1

  1. aw. this is a nice post. I like your blog, eckers. it’s a good read.

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