I have mood swings. I’m not crazy. I don’t get violent or cry uncontrollably. I have socially acceptable mood swings. Mood swings you wouldn’t be afraid to be seen with in public.

One thing that triggers these swings from happy to sad to anxious to calm is how much I have on my plate. The busier I am, the more anxious I am, the happier I am. The less busy I am, the more depressed I get. Am I a workaholic? Quite possibly. But most people just call that drive, a go-getter…the guy who’s “got the goods.”

This leads me to why I’ve been feeling a little down lately. My sketch show is about to close. It has been a wonderful experience. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team. I think we really put together an amazing show. However, coming off of it, I don’t have any projects immediately lined up. My improv group, Road Eagle, has become my former improv group, as too much time has passed for me to rejoin the team. I still can do stand-up, but that’s not the same thing as collaborating with others to produce a singular piece. I want to write a play, but that’s not putting me out there on the stage and helping me be active in the scene. I can audition both as a writer or actor for various things, which is what I’ve been looking into. I don’t have much interest in acting mind you, so I wouldn’t really take on anything that didn’t have a writing component necessarily. I’m also planning on doing more videos by myself and with others, including Crank. And then in the fall, hopefully The Alliance will have another sketch revue to do.

Now that I look at it, I suppose it’s not so bad. Even if all I do over the next several months is stand-up and videos until the next sketch revue, at least I’m getting out there. I just wish I still had a group to work with regularly. If anyone wants to collaborate or knows someone who is looking for a writer/performer, let me know.


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