Train Whores Are Joy Spreaders

Craigslist is not a good place to meet guys. Whether you’re looking for a date or a hot hook up, you’re probably just going to find a bunch of flakes and fatties. However, Craigslist is a great place to spread your love to the world. Let me explain.

Is not making people happy a good thing? And doesn’t sex make people happy? If you gave the best blowjob in the world, you would have quite a power on your hand, a power that could spread joy to whomever you meet (given they are a male). Now you couldn’t go around giving just anyone a blowjob. There has to be an order, a map, some semblence of reason to your blowjob journey. Enter Craigslist.

Lately there have been a number of ads with men advertising their blowjob journeys. Basically these men are either on a wallk, a bike ride or just riding the train and want to get a number of guys to sign on for sex along their route. It ends up being like a progressive dinner, execept instead of casserole, it’s butt fucking.

I commend these men. What better way to spread joy to the world but to travel from door to door like some kind of magical fairy and give the gift that only keeps giving for 30-60 minutes?

So here’s to you blowjob train/biker dude. Here’s to you.


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