Go Me!

This week has ended up being fan-fucking-tastic.

I taped a podcast with the always delightful Feast of Fun boys, Fausto and Marc. Listen to it here.


The Alliance kicked ass at our sketch show. We had a wonderful crowd. I really appreciate everyone who came out that night. The rest of you can chew on my spit (or come to one of  the next three performances).


Then on Friday, I went and saw Ben Lerman perform. It was, as I had predicted, Grade A-mazing. Afterward I got too drunk to see straight, but that was probably because everyone I was around was gay.


Finally, I had an audition today for Blewt’s new show, Judge Doody, a courtroom show in the style of Judge Judy. They are casting lawyers. I had to create a character and write a 2-3 minute closing argument and perform it. My character, tentatively named Cindy Bagelstein, is a middle-aged Jewish woman who thinks she’s incredibly good looking. I have never had such a good audition in my life. I fucking nailed it. Even if I don’t get cast, I know I did the best job I could have done. And it showed me just how much my confidence level in myself as a writer and performer is increasing. Yeah, I was nervous before I walked into the room, but that’s because I cared. And once I donned the wig and the dress, I was in the zone. I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but I’m really proud of myself. Go me!

Cindy Bagelstein

Cindy Bagelstein


One response to “Go Me!

  1. Yay! I admit I’m starting to wonder if you’re just finding reasons to never take off that wig+dress combination.

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