Big In Australia

For whatever reason, I’m not exactly sure, I’m gaining a lot of fans in Australia. I posted my last vlog on Facebook recently and suddenlly I was flooded by friend requests, mainly from hot gay men down under. I don’t know why I’m so appealing to Aussies. But I’m not really going to question why. In fact, I might milk this thing for some places to stay when I eventually make it out to that part of the world, which I may do this year…

For those that don’t know, I’ve fantasized about living in New Zealand for a couple years now. I have brochures and the paperwork needed to get a visa. I could live there for at least a year, either doing migrant work like picking apples or actually living in a big city and holding down a job.  A lot of people wonder why New Zealand. For me, it’s about being somewhere that is untouched, beautiful and far away from the U.S. It’s also about one third the cost of living as the U.S. So I’d be three times richer there. Yay!


One response to “Big In Australia

  1. Hey Peeps,

    Keep up the Good work.

    Love Heaps


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