Life Is A Dali Painting

My life is surreal as fuck right now. I just got a call last night from a casting agency here in Chicago to audition for something big. I don’t know how much I can talk about it, but it has the potential to be on television. I’ve been pooping myself all day…figuratively?

This comes at a time when I just decided to throw my hat back into the stand-up ring and when my sketch show is in the works to being produced. Just when I think my life is about to slow down a bit, something big happens. It’s exciting and tiring all at once. Sleep lately has been an annoying necessity. The same goes with eating, but I always seem to find ample time to do that.

Anyway, wish me to break a leg. I’ll probably post how the audition goes, or maybe make a video blog about it. Ah! Life! Ah!


One response to “Life Is A Dali Painting

  1. Oh man. I cannot wait to hear about your audition!!!

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