Starving Artist

I hate the starving artist mentality.

“Oh, look at me! I’m creative and suffering! The more I suffer, the more my art flourishes. Please don’t give me money for my work. If I get money, then I’ll no longer be starving and no longer able to create and then I’ll never be a real artist. Poop poop. Fart fart. ”

I for one would jump at the chance to make a commercial for Coca-cola or American Airlines or Deadly Chinese Toys. Is it selling out? I guess. But that’s how you pursue your passion…by capatilizing on it, baby!

But for now, since no one is paying me to do jack squat, I really am a starving artist. Part of that is my fault I guess. I haven’t bought groceries or done dishes in forever. I just don’t have any food around. Therefore I’m starving. Oh, and I make art. So there you go!

A new Vlog will hopefully be up tomorrow.


One response to “Starving Artist

  1. dude. as long as you are making money to get nonfat lattes at starbucks, you’re not starving.

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