Make Me A Star

Logo, the LGBTQ cable network, is doing a casting contest for its show The Big Gay Sketch Show. And I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring.

I have to upload some videos and pictures of myself (no problem there) and write some sort of a blog entry or something. I’m not sure. I need to keep reading the rules and requirements. But the winners of round 1 are contingent on whomever gets the most votes. So talent is really only a minor factor at this point. It’s friends, connections and payola that will get you to phase 2.

So what this means, loyal blog readers, is that I need YOU to vote or me. And your friends to vote for me. And their friends. And your parents and your parents’ friends. Get everyone in the universe to vote for me. If you do, you will be handsomely rewarded (read: I will buy you a handsome male escort). And in case the contest officials are reading this blog, that last part was a joke. Ha. Ha. I’m such a kidder. (wink wink)

To vote for me, go here:

Pass this link around. I will be uploading videos fairly soon. But please. Vote for me. Please. For the love of God.

And as an incentive, here’s a picture of me dressed as a woman.



3 responses to “Make Me A Star

  1. You are so beautiful.

  2. Wow what a gorgeous girl you are……lol

  3. OMIGOD that’s what you needed the wig for? I had no idea…

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