The Well Is Dry

Comedy pays in laughs. There’s nothing better than hearing an audience erupt in laughter. It let’s you know you’re helping to spread a little bit of joy in this cesspool of a world we live in. This murky, overflowing toilet of a world that we all wallow in. Oh God, get it off! Get it off! Get it off!

But laughter doesn’t pay rent. I know this because I once tried to pay my landlord in laughs. She just frowned and then told me to “cut the crap.” If laughter is the best medicine and health insurance is so expensive, than laughs should have some monetary value, right? I mean, I’d rather chuckle a little bit than take two walnut-sized sepositories. Well, actually, on second thought…

The point is comedy doens’t pay my bills. I’m a freelance writer by day. Check out my site at I specialize in writing about law and technology, but if anyone out there has ANY writing needs, hit me up. Please.

Because you see, with the economy slowing faster than a fat man in a marathon who passes a cake store, I’m left with little to do except waste time. And I love wasting time. And how do I waste time (besides rubbing it until it blisters)? I make comedy things.

Me thinking of funny things. As you can see, it hurts to think.

Me thinking of funny things. As you can see, it hurts to think.

My current project, besides the vlogs, sketch group, improv group and two-man stand-up show, is a sitcom. That’s right. I’m making a sitcom! In my living room! Using toys! It’s an idea I’ve had for a while, and it’s finally coming to fruition.

I just finished recording the theme song. You can hear it below. The audio quality is fair since I did it using my Mac’s internal mic. So it’s a little bit like I’m underwater. But you can still hear it and appreciate it. And for those that don’t know, I play guitar. If that turns you on, then my work here is done.

Oh, and the show’s name is “Lovers’ Lane.” Lyrics and music below:

Rainy day got you down/Want to go and just leave town/Whoa oh oh/Look like you need a friend

Come hang out with the gang/Living on Lovers’ Lane/Whoa oh oh/You’ll have a good time then

Hey! We’re okay! Things are good!/Sun is shining like it should

Hey! We’re okay! Things are good!/The sun is shining like it should here on Lovers’ Lane!


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