Girls have the clothing market cornered. They get the luxury of having an endless variety of articles and styles to choose from. Skirts, blouses, shirts, shblouses. The list goes on and on and on.

But what do men have? Besides penises. And bigger hands. And higher paying jobs. Why we have beards! (unless you are a woman of Eastern European origin, in which case you too may very well have a beard).

As men, our facial hair is our paint. And our face is our palette. And our brush is an extremely sharp, thin piece of metal that will cut you like an inmate with a chip on his shoulder if you’re not too careful.

Let’s take a look at some of the various beards the world has been graced with.




I’ve now decided to get into this whole beard racket. I used to just be like most guys and shave about once a week. For two days I’d have a baby face, for three days I’d have sexy stubble and then for two more days I’d start looking a little rugged. Well, I’ve always wanted to be a real-life Tom of Finland character, so here we go. What do you think?



One response to “Beards!

  1. I like this better than the how to be a writer blog.

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